Keeping Pets Safe in the Cold

Most pets, unless they happen to have a thick coat of fur, aren’t well-equipped to deal with winter weather. Here, your Niagara Falls, ON veterinarian gives you a few tips on keeping your animal friend safe when it’s cold outside.

Limit Outdoor Time

Keep outdoor time during an absolute minimum in the winter; leaving your pet outdoors is only inviting deadly hypothermia and frostbite. By limiting outdoor time to quick bathroom breaks or exercise runs, you’re ensuring that your pet stays happy and healthy.

Use Pet Clothing

There are many options available today for pet clothing, from parkas and sweaters to booties and even earmuffs. While not all pets will take kindly to wearing clothes, a nice sweater can help ward off winter’s chill, especially for pets with thin coats of fur. Ask your veterinarian to recommend a type and brand of pet clothing.

Ice Tips

During the winter, ice may be treated with road salt or chemical ice melters. You don’t want your pet tracking these substances in on their paws and then licking them off. Avoid ice patches whenever possible.

Want more wintertime safety tips? Contact your pet clinic Niagara Falls, ON today for help from the professionals.