Keeping Pets Safe in Wintertime

When the temperatures drop, our pets need our loving attention more than ever. Keep your four-legged friend safe and sound this winter with these tips from a Terre Haute, IN veterinarian:

Indoor Time

Pets will be much safer and happier indoors with you and your family, where it’s comfortable and warm. Restrict outdoor time to quick bathroom breaks and exercise sessions; leaving your pet outdoors for long periods of time is only inviting frostbite and deadly hypothermia.

Avoid Deep Snow

Even if your pet loves frolicking around in the snow, it’s safest to avoid deep snowbanks. Pets—even athletic breeds—can exhaust themselves trudging through deep piles or banks of snow. Smaller pets can even sink in and struggle to get out!

Beware of Antifreeze

Antifreeze is a common wintertime hazard because car owners add it to their engines this time of year. Unfortunately, antifreeze is highly toxic to pets; it contains ethylene glycol, a sweet-tasting alcoholic compound that can harm pets in very small amounts. Keep pets indoors when using antifreeze, and store the chemical safely where your pet won’t be able to reach.

Call your Terre Haute, IN animal hospital today for more cold-weather and wintertime safety tips.