Why Microchips Are Beneficial

You’ve likely heard of pet microchips by now—they’re quickly becoming the most common way to identify your pet properly! Learn about the benefits of microchips below from your vet in Olathe, KS.

Constant Identification

Microchips cannot be removed by a pet, the way a collar containing ID tags may be chewed apart, slipped off, or ripped away. By outfitting your pet with a chip, you never have to worry about them going unidentified, even if an unexpected escape occurs.

Inexpensive and Quick

The microchipping procedure is quick and painless—a specialized syringe inserts the chip unit just under your pet’s skin, and they’ll only feel a momentary pinch before the process is over. Plus, microchips aren’t expensive. They usually range between $25 and $75, depending on where you have the procedure performed.

Easy to Update

Moving? Getting a new telephone number? There’s no need to get an entirely new microchip, as you would with an ID tag. Simply call the microchip manufacturer, and they can update their database instantly. This means that your pet’s contact information is updated without the need for you to even leave home!

Contact your Olathe, KS vet’s office to get your pet a microchip.