Stop Your Cat from Scratching the Furniture

Does your cat like to dig her claws into your favorite chair sofa? Put a stop to this behavior and save your furniture! Below, your Lafayette, LA veterinarian tells you how to respond.

Scratching Posts

Does your cat have a scratching post? If not, get one immediately. These are great for providing your feline friend with an outlet for her natural scratching desires. Try sprinkling a bit of catnip on the post to entice your cat to use it.


Every time you see your cat scratch inappropriately, clap your hands and say “no!” in a loud voice. Right away, direct your cat’s attention to the scratching post. If she starts scratching it, offer her a cat treat. It shouldn’t take your cat long to get the hint: scratching on the furniture is bad, and scratching on the post instead is good.


Ask your veterinarian about deterrent devices, like spray-on products or noise deterrents. These work by negatively conditioning your cat against scratching, but you’ll want to get a vet’s opinion before trying it.

Do you want further insight into your cat’s behavior? Does your cat need an exam? Call your Lafayette, LA animal hospital to make an appointment.