Health Benefits of Spaying or Neutering Your Pet

Everyone knows that spaying and neutering pets helps to control the homeless pet population by preventing unwanted litters. Did you know that the procedure also offers many health benefits for your pet? Learn about just three here from your Livonia, MI vet.

Eliminate Genital Cancer Risk

Since the sex organs are removed during the spay or neuter procedure, the risk of genital cancers in both male and female pets is virtually eliminated. Rather than deal with the worry and cost of managing such a condition later in life, avoid it initially by having your pet spayed or neutered.

Other Cancer Types

Genital cancers aren’t the only ones that have a lower chance of occurring in spayed or neutered pets. Breast and prostate cancers, for example, are far less likely to be diagnosed in pets who have been fixed. Plus, other urinary- or reproductive-system issues like urinary tract infections are far less likely to occur.

Improved Behavior

Of course, another great benefit of having your pet spayed or neutered is the behavioral improvement. It helps avoid or less aggression, house soiling, urine spraying, destructive behavior, and much more.

Talk to your vet Livonia, MI for more information on spaying and neutering.