Extend Your Pet’s Lifespan With These Three Easy Tips

What loving pet owner wouldn’t want to keep their animal companion around for as long as possible? If you’d like to give your four-legged friend a lifetime of health and happiness, use these tips from a Greensboro, NC veterinarian:

Preventative Healthcare

Preventative healthcare is essential. Make sure your pet is vaccinated against dangerous diseases like parvovirus, calicivirus, parainfluenza, hepatitis, distemper, and rabies. Also ensure that your pet wears preventive medicines against fleas, ticks, mosquitoes, and worms. If your animal friend needs these preventative measures, see your vet.

Diet and Exercise

Feeding your pet a healthy diet and exercising them regularly are two of the best ways to keep them healthy for a lifetime. Talk to your veterinarian about a high-quality food that is appropriate for your companion’s age, breed, and size. Play with your pet or take them for walks regularly to maintain a healthy weight and body composition.

Veterinary Visits

Of course, having your pet see their veterinarian on a regular basis is another key way to maintain their health long-term. Your vet will be able to catch any health problems early, treating them before they develop into serious issues. Set up an appointment with your veterinary clinic Greensboro, NC.