Where to Place Your Cat’s Litter Box

As you know, our feline friends can be rather picky. This certainly holds true for their litter box! Here, your Greenville, SC vet gives you a few pointers on where to place your cat’s bathroom.

Quiet Zone

Would you enjoy doing your business in a crowded, noisy area? Of course not, and your cat doesn’t either! Put your cat’s litter box somewhere quiet and out-of-the-way. In most homes, a laundry room, back bedroom, or basement works well.

Far From Food

Cats have been known to stop eating and drinking or shun their litter box when food dishes and the bathroom are placed too close together. Be sure to keep your kitty’s dining area and bathroom zone separated!

Easy to Access

It sounds obvious, but make sure your cat’s box is easily accessible, even when you’re not home. It’s all too easy for a swinging screen door or other physical obstacle to block your cat’s path to the bathroom. If this happens, she’ll be forced to eliminate elsewhere, leaving you with a mess on your hands!

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