Making Your Senior Cat’s Life a Little Easier

Is your cat getting up there in the age department? Now more than ever, your feline friend could use your help to make her life easier. Use these tips from a Moorpark, CA veterinarian to do just that.

Home Modification

Try building or purchasing pet ramps. These will help your cat get up onto her favorite piece of furniture or windowsill perch. Ramps can also make trekking up a staircase easier. You may also add strips of carpet to any slippery tile or hardwood floors in your home, allowing your cat to keep her footing a bit better.

Multiple Litter Boxes

Your cat doesn’t want to go up and down the staircase every time she has to use the bathroom. By putting a litter box on each floor, you’re making things a whole lot easier for your pet and lessening the likelihood of an accident on your carpets or rugs!

Senior Diet

Every older cat will benefit from a senior diet, formulated just for the needs of aging felines. Ask your veterinarian to recommend a diet that is just right for your beloved pet.

Does your senior cat need veterinary care? Make an appointment with your veterinarian Moorpark, CA.

How to Exercise Your Cat Inside

Does your cat stay indoors? Good for you—cats are far safer inside than out. The question is, how do you get your indoor cat the exercise she needs? Here, your Southeast Denver, CO vet gives you a few pointers.


Toys are essential for a cat’s health and well-being. They keep your feline friend well-exercised when she plays with them, and they give her an outlet for her hunting, stalking, and scratching desires. If your cat needs a little enticing, try sprinkling some catnip on her toys.

Laser Light

Many cats adore chasing after that pesky red light that they just can’t seem to catch. What your cat won’t realize is that she’s getting a great workout in the process! Pick up a laser light toy at your local pet supply store or retail outlet; just make sure not to shine the light directly in your cat’s eyes.

Cat Towers

Cat towers offer many advantages: they give your cat a high vantage point, they often come with built-in scratching posts and fun playthings, and they give your cat an outlet for entertaining herself and getting some exercise. Ask your veterinarians Southeast Denver, CO to recommend a sturdy cat tower.

The Myth About Cats and Milk

It’s easy to picture a cat lapping up milk from a saucer; it just seems to fit! You may be surprised, however, that cats and milk don’t go together very well. Your North Phoenix, AZ elaborates below.

Why Can’t Cats Have Milk?

The majority of adult cats are actually lactose-intolerant, which means they can’t digest lactose (the primary enzyme found in milk) properly. Drinking too much milk will undoubtedly result in vomiting, diarrhea, or an upset stomach at the very least.

Don’t Kittens Drink the Mother’s Milk?

Yes, but this is the only time in a cat’s life cycle that milk is nutritionally necessary. As cats age, they produce less and less lactase, the enzyme required to digest lactose. By the time they’ve reached adulthood, most cats are entirely lactose-intolerant.

Is Any Dairy Okay?

Since other dairy like cheese or yogurt contains less lactose than milk, it’s less likely to cause negative health symptoms in your cat. However, no dairy is necessary in your cat’s diet. If you must feed your cat cheese or yogurt, only do so occasionally and keep the portion sizes extremely small.

Do you have questions about your cat’s diet? Contact your animal hospital North Phoenix, AZ.

Save Yourself Money on Pet Care

Let’s be honest—who wouldn’t like to save a little cash here and there? Use these tips from a Myrtle Beach veterinarian to save yourself money on pet care without sacrificing your animal companion’s well-being in the least.

Spay and Neuter

Spaying and neutering doesn’t just help control the homeless pet population; you’re avoiding the risk (and the significant cost!) of genital cancers, and also greatly lessening the chances of prostate cancer, breast cancer, urinary tract infections, and other serious medical issues.

Preventative Techniques

Use vaccinations and preventive medications against common pests to save yourself money. The regular costs of these techniques is far less on the whole than treating an illness, infection, or infestation after it has taken hold. If your pet needs essential vaccinations or monthly pest preventatives against fleas, ticks, or worms, call your vet’s office to get started.

Skip the Extras

Your pet really doesn’t mind whether or not she’s wearing the highest-fashion parka or the latest name-brand pet perfume. Skip these extras to save yourself money.

Would you like even more great tips on saving yourself a little cash on pet care? Don’t hesitate to call your Myrtle Beach animal hospital to find out more.