Beach Safety Tips for Dog Parents

Are you taking your dog to the beach this summer? Beach days sure are a lot of fun you’re your canine companion is along. Just make sure they stay safe with these tips from a Lakewood Ranch, FL vet.

Provide Hydration and Shade

Bring along a beach umbrella to provide your dog with a shady spot to cool off under. Also make sure you have a thermos of cool, fresh water just for your dog. Offer him sips from it regularly to prevent dangerous dehydration, and don’t let him drink from the ocean.

Water Safety Tips

First, make sure that your dog can swim before allowing him into the ocean—contrary to popular belief, not all dogs are strong swimmers! When your dog does venture in, get in with him to provide support. Even experienced canine swimmers may not be used to ocean currents.

Rinse Out the Coat

When your beach day is over, be sure to rinse out your dog’s coat with the garden hose or in the tub. You don’t want to leave salt water or sand in the fur, as it will dry out the skin.

Call your veterinarian Lakewood Ranch, FL for more beach safety tips.