Three Pet Toxins in Your Home Right Now

That’s right—the following pet toxins are most likely already in your home as you read this. Fortunately, your pet can easily be kept safe with a few simple precautions—your Wake Forest, NC vet elaborates below.

Human Foods

Plenty of foods in your refrigerator and cabinets aren’t good for pets, including onions, garlic, chives, grapes, raisins, avocado, chocolate, candy, gum, salt, fatty foods, caffeine, and much more. Also remember that alcohol is very bad for pets; it only takes a small amount to result in poisoning.

Human Medications

Were you aware that all sorts of human medications can poison a pet if they ingest too much? Antidepressants, aspirin, cough syrup, over-the-counter pills, and prescription drugs are just a few examples. Never allow your pet access to the medicine cabinet, and keep animal medications stored separately from your own.

Cleaning Supplies

Everything from air fresheners and floor cleaner to furniture polish, household disinfectants, and carpet shampoo can harm a pet who manages to swallow it. Keep your supply closet tightly shut at all times so your pet can’t gain access to harmful materials.

Call your animal hospital wake forest, NC veterinarian can tell you more about in-home pet toxins—call the office today.