Cat and Dog Vaccines 101

Are you new to dog or cat ownership? You’ll need to get your family’s new addition vaccinated! It’s one of the best things you’ll ever do for your pet’s health and happiness in the long-term. Below, your Coon Rapids, MN veterinarian goes over the basics.

What Vaccines Does My Pet Need?

Your pet will require the core vaccines, which protect against common, contagious, and/or dangerous diseases like distemper, feline leukemia, parvovirus, hepatitis, parainfluenza, and rabies. Most often, these vaccinations are given in a batch when your pet is as young as six weeks old. Talk to your veterinarian for further specifics.

What About Booster Shots?

Most core vaccinations will require booster shots to remain effective over a pet’s lifetime. Call your vet’s office to set up a schedule for regular veterinary appointments; this way, your pet’s essential vaccines can easily be updated as necessary.

How Do I Get My Pet Vaccinated?

If you’ve recently adopted a young cat or dog, or if your older animal needs vaccines, call your veterinarian to make an appointment. Here at your veterinary clinic Coon Rapids, MN, we can take care of all your pet’s vaccination needs and answer any further questions you may have.