Road Trips with Your Cat

Are you going to be heading out on the open road with your feline friend? It sure can be fun to travel with your cat, but make sure they stay safe and happy. Use these tips from a Mt. Pleasant, SC veterinarian:

Use a Carrier

Always make sure your cat stays in her carrier for the duration of the car ride. Allowing your pet to roam free in the car is a recipe for disaster! If necessary, buckle your cat’s carrier in using a seatbelt.

Check ID

Whenever your cat leaves your home, she should be wearing proper identification just in case she gets lost or runs away. Before leaving home, make sure Fluffy is microchipped, is wearing up-to-date ID tags, or has both. Talk to your veterinarian if your pet needs these identification measures.

Take Breaks

Every few hours, make a pit stop to check on your cat. This is also a great time to allow her access to food and water dishes, as well as the litterbox. Cats who are prone to carsickness may need even more frequent breaks.

Want more advice on traveling with your cat? Give call your veterinary clinic Mt. Pleasant, SC professional a call for help.