Three Common Litter Box Aversions

It’s not uncommon for cats to shun their litter boxes at one point or another. There are a few likely reasons why this may happen—your Wake Forest, NC veterinarian tells you more below.

The Location

One of the most common reasons that cats avoid the litter box is because of the location. Make sure your cat’s bathroom is located in a quiet, out-of-the-way area. Just like you, your cat doesn’t like doing their business in a crowded, noisy space! Also make sure the box is accessible at all times, even when you’re not home.

The Cleanliness

Cats are very picky about their bathrooms’ cleanliness. Scoop the litter box out daily, and change all litter entirely once a week. This will ensure that your cat’s box stays clean, and it’s very likely to appease your feline friend.

The Litter

Some cats are picky about what type of litter is used in their box. Try experimenting with different coarseness levels, base materials, and scents to find out what your cat prefers. If you need help, contact your veterinarian’s office.

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