Great Reasons to Have Your Pet Microchipped

Did you know that microchipping your animal companion is one of the best steps you can ever take to keep them happy and healthy for a lifetime? Below, your Omaha, NE vet gives you a few reasons why microchips are so beneficial:

Security of Identification

Unlike ID tags around a collar, which could be chewed away or slipped off by crafty pets, a microchip cannot be removed unless done so by a veterinary professional. This means that your pet always remains identified, and you have peace of mind even if an escape occurs unexpectedly.

Quick, Painless Implant

The microchipping procedure only takes a moment, and it’s virtually painless for your pet. All they’ll feel is a slight pinch before the whole thing is over. Make an appointment today if your pet needs microchipped.

Update Easily

You don’t need to buy a new microchip if you move or get a new phone number. Simply call the chip manufacturer, and they can update your information accordingly. There’s no need to even leave home!

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