Helping Your Pet to Lose Weight

Over half of domesticated cats and dogs are over their weight limits—does your four-legged friend fall into this category? It’s time to help Fido or Fluffy shed those extra pounds! Here, your Westlake Village, CA veterinarian tells you how to get started.

See Your Vet

Before doing anything, pay a visit to your veterinarian. Together, you can work out a diet and exercise program that will allow your pet to lose weight in a healthy manner. Your vet can also give you tips on what type and brand of food to feed your animal companion.

Diet and Exercise

Of course, diet and exercise are the main components of a good weight-loss program. With the guidance of your veterinarian, you can feed your pet a high-quality diet without a lot of filler material, which only adds extra calories. You’ll also begin exercising your pet daily with walks, jogs, or playtime.

Portion Control

Another important aspect of weight-loss for pets is portion control. If your pet is allowed to eat as much as they want whenever they want, they’ll become obese. Talk to your Animal Hospital Westlake Village, CA to get a recommendation on a great portion size for your particular pet.