Helping Your Pet Lose Excess Weight

Nearly half of all pets could stand to lose a few excess pounds. If your pet is looking a little pudgy, there’s no time to waste! Use these tips from a Portland, OR vet to help your pet lose extra weight.

Visit the Vet

Visit your veterinarian to set up a tailored weight-loss plan just for your pet. It can actually be harmful to a pet to lose a lot of weight too quickly, so it’s important to work closely with your vet. This way, Fido or Fluffy will lose weight appropriately and in a safe manner.


Is your pet eating a “budget” diet with a lot of filler material? They’ll need to switch to a high-quality diet made just for their age, breed, and weight. Portion control is also essential—ask your vet for advice on your pet’s portion size so that you’re not overfeeding your animal companion.


No weight-loss plan is complete without exercise. Ask your vet about the best ways to get your pet the physical activity he or she needs; the weight will start coming off in no time!

Does your pet need to lose excess pounds? Call your veterinarian Portland, OR for help.