Meet the Beautiful Sphynx

Have you ever seen a sphynx cat before? Evoking imagery of ancient Egypt, they’re certainly unique—you’re not likely to forget their completely hairless bodies and huge eyes! Learn more about this fascinating cat breed in this article from a vet Oshawa, ON.

The Sphynx’s History

Records of hairless cats in North America date back to the early 1900s, but today’s Sphynx cat originated in Toronto, Canada in the 1960s. A pair of domestic shorthair cats there had a hairless breed, simply thanks to a genetic mutation. The sphynx has been reproducing ever since, and is now extremely common!

The Sphynx’s Personality

Sphynx cats have a hearty metabolism, so they’re fairly high-energy cats that love to jump, run, and play. They’re very friendly, though, and make great pets for almost all families, including those with children.

The Sphynx’s Care Requirements

For the most part, caring for a sphynx cat is like caring for any other cat. However, they will need regular baths because of the excess body oil that isn’t soaked up by hair. And sphynxes must wear sunscreen or a protective layer if they go outside—they can be easily sunburnt.

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