Does My Dog Have Allergies?

Plenty of dogs suffer from allergies. Everything from ingredients in food to pollen in the air can make Fido have reactions! But it’s not always easy to know when your dog is suffering from allergies. Here, your veterinarian Marietta, GA elaborates on the most common signs of allergies in dogs.

Persistent Scratching

One of the major symptoms of allergies in dogs is itchiness. So, constant scratching is one of the primary signs. Dogs with allergies most often scratch at the ears, feet, belly, chest, eye, or groin areas, and these areas might become smelly, pigmented, or raw over a prolonged period of intense scratching.

Hot Spots

When your dog licks, chews, or scratches at an area for weeks on end, they’re likely to develop a red, inflamed area on the skin called a hot spot. Hot spots can occur independently from allergies, but they’re often caused by them—let your veterinarian know if you think allergies could be to blame.

Chronic Ear Infections

Dogs with allergies often suffer from resulting ear infections that reoccur. Talk to your vet if your dog always seems to have an ear infection.

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