Lengthen Fido’s Life With These 3 Tips

Have you ever wished you could keep your canine companion around for as long as possible? There are plenty of ways to do just that. Read on as your veterinarian Bend, OR tells you about a few ways to lengthen your dog’s lifespan. 

Practice Preventative Care

Preventative care helps avoid health troubles before they even begin. Keep your dog on year-round pest preventatives to get rid of fleas, ticks, and worms. Have them updated on vaccinations to avoid distemper, parvovirus, rabies, hepatitis, leukemia, Lyme disease, and more. 

Good Diet and Exercise

Feed your dog a great diet in the proper portion size. (Ask your vet for a recommendation.) And make sure your dog gets moving on a daily basis in order to burn off excess calories, work out the muscles and limbs, and get out some extra energy. Diet and exercise are crucial for a lifetime of good health! 

Regular Vet Visits

Last but not least, have your dog examined at the vet’s office regularly to make sure he stays in good health. We recommend that your pet is seen at least twice a year.

Ready to set up your dog’s next office appointment? Contact your vet clinic Bend, OR.