How Owning a Dog Improves Your Health

Our canine companions definitely provide us with a lot of amusement, not to mention loyal companionship. Did you know that dogs can also improve your health? Below, your veterinarian Lafayette, LA tells you more.


It goes without saying that you’ll get more exercise when you own a dog. That’s because your pooch will require walking on a daily basis! You can also go on jogs with your dog if they’re a breed that can keep up with long-distance runs. Ask your vet for more information on your dog’s exercise needs.

Lower Stress Levels

Studies show that dog owners, on the whole, have lower stress levels than people who don’t own pets at all. This is another great advantage of having a trusted confidant and a loyal companion!

Heart Health

Dog owners tend to have lower cholesterol levels and, overall, better heart health than non-pet owners! This is most likely because of a combination of lower stress levels and regular exercise—what’s not to love?

Does your dog need an examination, vaccinations, or pest-control medications? Do you have questions about your canine companion’s behavior or healthcare needs? We’re here to help! Schedule an appointment at your animal hospital Lafayette, LA.

Stop Your Cat from Scratching the Furniture

Does your cat like to dig her claws into your favorite chair sofa? Put a stop to this behavior and save your furniture! Below, your Lafayette, LA veterinarian tells you how to respond.

Scratching Posts

Does your cat have a scratching post? If not, get one immediately. These are great for providing your feline friend with an outlet for her natural scratching desires. Try sprinkling a bit of catnip on the post to entice your cat to use it.


Every time you see your cat scratch inappropriately, clap your hands and say “no!” in a loud voice. Right away, direct your cat’s attention to the scratching post. If she starts scratching it, offer her a cat treat. It shouldn’t take your cat long to get the hint: scratching on the furniture is bad, and scratching on the post instead is good.


Ask your veterinarian about deterrent devices, like spray-on products or noise deterrents. These work by negatively conditioning your cat against scratching, but you’ll want to get a vet’s opinion before trying it.

Do you want further insight into your cat’s behavior? Does your cat need an exam? Call your Lafayette, LA animal hospital to make an appointment.