Giving Your Puppy a Bath

It’s always a good idea to get your puppy used to bathe early on in life. This way, they grow up thinking of bathing as a completely normal part of life! Here, your veterinarian Livonia, MI goes over the basics of bathing your pup.

Getting Started

Gather together your supplies by the tub or sink where you’ll be bathing Fido. You’ll need a canine-specific shampoo, a bucket, and a large, soft towel.


Fill the tub or sink with just an inch or two of lukewarm water, and gently set your puppy in it on all fours to get him used to the sensation. When he’s ready, use your bucket to gently pour more lukewarm water over the body to wet the coat. Dab a small amount of shampoo into the fur and massage it through.

Rinse and Dry

Once your pup has been shampooed thoroughly, rinse him off with more water from the bucket. Dry your dog with the towel, and offer him a few tasty treats as a reward.

Does your puppy need professional grooming services? Want further advice on bathing your dog? We’re here for you—set up an appointment today with your veterinary clinic Livonia, MI.

Does Your Canine Companion Have Separation Anxiety?

Separation anxiety is relatively common amongst our canine companions. Do you suspect your pooch is suffering? Here, your Livonia, MI veterinarian tells you about some of the common signals of separation anxiety in dogs.

Accidents in the House

If you frequently come home to find that your dog has had an accident in the house, separation anxiety is one possible cause. Since other factors could cause this as well—lack of training, illness, etc.—your best course of action is to speak with your veterinarian. Combined with other symptoms, a diagnosis of separation anxiety may be reached.


One major sign of separation anxiety is loud vocalizations, like barking and whining. If you can’t seem to get your dog to be quiet, or if neighbors are telling you that Fido won’t stop barking when you’re not home, it’s possible that separation anxiety is to blame.

Escape Attempts

Dogs who suffer from separation anxiety may attempt to jump or dig out of their enclosures in an attempt to rejoin their owners. Escape attempts may not be simple bad behavior—separation anxiety is also a possibility.

If you have further questions about your dog’s anxiety troubles, call your animal hospital Livonia, MI.