Safety Tips for Hiking with Fido

It’s a lot of fun to take your canine companion hiking with you. Just make sure he or she stays safe while you’re enjoying the great outdoors! Here, your vet in Minnetonka, MN gives you a few hiking safety tips.

Proper Identification

Make sure Fido’s identification is in order before heading out on your wilderness adventure. This means having your dog wear up-to-date ID tags around the collar and having a microchip implanted under the skin. If your dog needs these identification measures, contact your vet’s office.

Vaccination and Pest Control

Have your pet vaccinated against dangerous and common diseases so that they stay completely safe on your hike. Also make sure your dog is wearing preventative medications to ward off fleas, ticks, worms, and other pests. Your vet can help your dog get these safety measures, so call today.

Recall Command

Even well-trained dogs may dart off after a squirrel, bicycler, or another dog on the trail. It’s even possible for dogs to jolt the leash out of your hands. In these instances, it’s helpful to train your dog to respond to a recall command, like “come” or “stay.”

For more hiking safety tips, contact your Animal Hospital Minnetonka, MN.