Three Benefits of Pet Microchip Identification

Have you ever considered outfitting your pet with a microchip? It’s the best way to keep your animal friend properly identified throughout life. Learn more about the benefits of microchips from your Murrieta, CA veterinarian:

It’s Cost-Effective

You only have to purchase one microchip for the entirety of your pet’s life, and they aren’t expensive. Even if you move addresses or get a new telephone number, your pet’s contact information can be updated by contacting the microchip manufacturer. Your pet keeps the same chip the whole time!

It’s Secure

Your pet can’t remove their identification when it’s embedded under their skin. That gives you incredible peace of mind. Even if your pet escapes unexpectedly, you know that they remain constantly identified no matter what.

It’s Quick and Painless

The microchip implant procedure only takes a few moments. All your pet feels is a momentary pinch before the whole thing is over. The microchip unit is inserted under your pet’s skin with a specialized hypodermic needle-like device, and it’s virtually risk- and side-effect-free.

Want to learn more about microchips for pets? Contact your animal hospital Murrieta, CA right away. We’re here to help with all of your pet’s care needs!