Understanding Pica in Your Canine Companion

Pica refers to a condition in which dogs crave and ingest items that aren’t food—batteries, dirt, coins, socks, rocks, or nearly anything else you can think of. Obviously, this can prove very dangerous! Your vet North Dallas, TX is here to tell you more.

What is the Cause?

Many things can cause pica. Generally, causes are considered to be either medical or behavioral. Medical pica means that a health issue like diabetes, nutritional deficiencies, thyroid problems, and much more cause your dog to seek out items to ingest. A behavioral case of pica means that something like anxiety is causing the problem. And keep in mind that a cause isn’t always determined in every case of pica.

How is Pica Treated?

A case of medical pica will be dealt with by treating the underlying medical issue. In the case of behavioral pica, solutions like anxiety medication, training techniques, or removal of stress factors at home might be necessary.

What If My Dog Eats Something They’re Not Supposed To?

If you know or suspect that your dog has eaten a non-food item, take them to the vet’s office right away.

Contact your animal hospital North Dallas, TX to learn more.