What to Know About Pet Insurance Plans

You can purchase insurance for just about anything. That includes your pet! Pet insurance plans might be a good idea for you, and they’re a good way for many pet owners to mitigate the risk of high veterinary bills should something go wrong. Learn more about pet insurance in this article from veterinary clinic Washington DC. 

How Pet Insurance Works

Just like other types of insurance you’re familiar with, you’ll pay a monthly premium—you might also pay on an annual or bi-annual basis—and have a set deductible to reach before the plan starts compensating. There are plans that cover multiple pets, too, if you own more than one animal companion and would like all of them covered. 

What Pet Insurance Covers

Some pet insurance policies cover only major medical procedures, while some cover more routine things like wellness visits and medications. There are all sorts of plans out there—it’s up to you to pick what works best for your pet’s particular needs. 

Making the Choice

Any pet can benefit from pet insurance, especially those at high risk for health problems. Talk to your vets Washington DC to find out if pet insurance might be a good idea for you.