The Best Spots for Fluffy’s Litter Box

Placing your cat’s litter box isn’t as simple as picking a spot and calling it a day. You need to put it in the right area to get your cat to use it! Here are some recommendations from the pet clinic Chesapeake, VA. 

In a quiet spot.

Your cat doesn’t like doing her business in a crowded, noisy area with a lot of traffic from humans or other pets. Who can blame her? It’s best to put the litter box in a quiet area, like a basement, laundry room, or spare bathroom. 

Far away from food.

Your cat isn’t fond of eating near her bathroom spot. Some cats have shunned their litter boxes, or stopped eating or drinking if these areas are too close together! Play it safe and put the litter box in a separate area from your cat’s food and water dishes. 

Somewhere accessible 24/7.

Your cat will be forced to eliminate outside of her litter box if she can’t get to it. Make sure physical obstacles like screen doors or sliding glass doors don’t block Fluffy’s path, including when you’re not at home. 

Call your veterinary clinic Chesapeake, VA for further advice on placing your cat’s litter box.