Beware of Pet Dangers in Your Own Backyard

It sure is a lot of fun to spend time with your pet on your property. Don’t forget, though, that there are plenty of pet hazards waiting in your own backyard! Learn more below from a veterinarian Marietta, GA.

Toxic Plants

All sorts of plants and flowers can harm pets who ingest them. The list includes dieffenbachia, elephant ear, ivy, oleander, tulips, the sago palm, daffodils, and much more. Before allowing your pet to poke around at your garden or landscaping, check to make sure there’s nothing harmful planted there.

Fertilizers, Pesticides

Do you spray fertilizers or pesticides on your lawn or garden? Remember that these chemicals substances can prove harmful to animals. Never let your dog or cat come in contact with freshly treated grass or plant life, and keep them indoors while spraying chemicals.

Outdoor Pests

Fleas, ticks, parasitic worms… there isn’t a shortage of outdoor pests waiting to take a bite out of your animal companion. Keep them on proper preventatives to ward off the danger. If your pet is in need of these medications, contact your vet’s office promptly.

For more outdoor pet safety tips, call your vet clinic Marietta, GA today.

Taking Good Care of Your Dog’s Paws

How often do you tend to your canine companion’s paws? They’re a very important part of his anatomy! Use these tips from a Marietta, GA veterinary professional to make sure your dog’s feet stay in tip-top shape.

Nail Trims

Nail trims are essential for good paw care; if nails get too long and sharp, they can facture painfully, get snagged in carpet and other surfaces, or interfere with walking and running. Trim your dog’s claws carefully with a canine-specific trimmer, and keep a styptic powder or pen on-hand to staunch bleeding if you clip too far.

Paw Checkups

Sit down with your dog every week or so and give each paw a thorough once-over. Look for any wounds or foreign objects stuck between the toes. It’s also possible for items to get embedded in the paw pads; if you can’t safely remove an object, call your vet for help.

Avoid Seasonal Dangers

Asphalt heats up quickly in the summertime; don’t allow your pet to linger on blacktop surfaces. Avoid ice patches and road salt in the colder months.

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Advantages of Adopting Older Pets

Are you thinking of adopting a pet soon? A puppy or kitten isn’t your only option. Older pets have many great advantages! Learn more here from a Marietta, GA veterinarian.

Lower Energy Level

Not looking to keep up with a high-energy, rambunctious young pet 24 hours a day? An older pet is the perfect solution. They’re content to relax for most of the day, and only require regular walks and playtime to stay happy and healthy.

Manners and Training

Many older pets have already lived with human families. This means that they’re used to the daily routine of living alongside humans, and they may even know commands and tricks. Plus, older pets have long since passed the chew-everything-in-sight stage; you don’t have to worry about your furniture, carpets, or shoes.

Save a Life

Remember: older pets need saving too! These loving creatures are just looking for a good home. If you are open to owning any age of pet, consider adopting an older animal—you just may find your best friend!

Would you like more information on the adoption process or about the mannerisms of elderly animals? Call your Pet Clinic Marietta, GA today to speak with a veterinary professional.