3 Easy Steps for Brushing Fido’s Teeth

We’re willing to bet that your dog’s breath doesn’t smell like a field of lilies. But did you know that you can help your dog’s breath smell better, and keep his oral health in good condition, simply by brushing the teeth? Do so with these easy steps from a vet New Orleans, LA.

Gather Your Supplies

First things first: get together everything you’ll need to brush Fido’s teeth. This includes a pet toothbrush, a canine-specific toothpaste (never use toothpaste made for humans), and a few tasty dog treats. Now, sit down with your dog in a quiet, well-lit area of the home to get started.

Introduce the Paste and Brush

Let your dog smell and taste the toothpaste at first, and try rubbing your finger along his gums to get him acclimated to the brushing sensation. When he’s ready, dab a bit of paste on the brush to begin.

Brush the Teeth

Give each area of the mouth a good scrub with the paste and brush. Focus on the outer tooth surfaces, where plaque accumulates. Finish off with a dog treat to reward Fido for a job well done.

For help with brushing, contact your pet clinic New Orleans, LA.

Why Do Dogs Eat Grass, and Is It Safe?

Have you ever seen your dog munch on grass when they go outdoors? It’s a relatively common behavior in our canine friends. But is it safe? Why do dogs do this? Read on as your animal hospital New Orleans, LA explains.

Why Do Dogs Eat Grass, Anyway?

No one is completely certain why dogs eat grass. There are a few leading theories, though. Many think that dogs eat grass in an attempt to alleviate a gassy or upset stomach. Or, perhaps they like the texture. It’s also possible that your dog is eating grass in an attempt to receive nutrients they’re not getting in their diet.

Can Eating Grass Be Dangerous?

While your dog will probably be fine if he or she eats a few blades of grass here and there, it’s not wise to allow the behavior to continue unchecked. Even if something isn’t medically wrong, like a nutritional deficiency as described above, your dog could ingest harmful fertilizers or chemicals on the grass.

What If My Dog Won’t Stop?

If you can’t get your dog to stop eating grass, call your vet. It’s better to be safe than sorry!

Call your pet clinic New Orleans, LA to learn more.