Caring for Your Dog’s Paws

When you think about it, your dog’s paws allow him to do quite a lot: run, jump, walk, scratch, and much more! Keep these essential body parts healthy with these tips from a Westlake Village, CA veterinarian.

Nail Trims

Regular nail trims are essential for your dog’s paw health. When nails are allowed to become too sharp and long, they can fracture painfully or get snagged in carpets. Use a canine-specific nail trimmer to blunt the tips of your dog’s nails. If you’re uncomfortable doing it yourself, set up an appointment at your vet’s office.

Paw and Paw Pad Inspection

Every week, take a little time and give your dog’s paws a thorough once-over. Look for any objects stuck in between the toes or embedded in the paw pads; it’s very easy for small bits of metal or plastic, pebbles, twigs, or burrs to work their way in. Remove objects if possible, but don’t force them. Call your vet if you can’t get something out.

Hot Asphalt

When it’s hot out, avoid walking your dog on asphalt. It can heat up to unbearable temperatures with the sun beating down on it!

Call your Pet Clinic Westlake Village, CA for further advice.