Answering Hairball FAQs

Watching your cat cough up a hairball isn’t exactly a pleasant experience. And hairballs are rather misunderstood amongst cat owners. Your veterinarian Boulder, CO is here to clear things up—read on to find out more about hairballs.

Why Do Hairballs Happen?

Your cat grooms herself using her tongue; as such, she swallows a lot of loose hair. Most of that ingested hair moves through the digestive system and is expelled in the feces. Some of it remains in the gut, though, and clumps together into a hairball. That hairball gets regurgitated over time, along with a bit of stomach fluid.

Are Hairballs Dangerous?

No—the occasional hairball is a normal part of your cat’s routine, unpleasant as it may seem. If hairballs occur frequently, however, let your vet know, because something could be wrong. And if your cat is choking on a hairball or something else lodged in the throat, seek veterinary attention immediately.

Can I Help My Cat Experience Fewer Hairballs?

Yes. It’s as simple as bruising your cat regularly to reduce the amount of hair that’s swallowed. And you should feed a great diet to maintain good coat health.

Call your vet Boulder, CO to learn more.