3 Reasons Your Dog Stares at You

How often do you notice your dog staring at you? It’s a very common behavior among our canine friends. Have you ever wondered why exactly your dog stares? Learn more here from a veterinarian Scottsdale, AZ.

Because Your Dog Wants Something

Most of the time, your dog is staring at you because he has a desire for something—usually, that thing is food. It’s also possible that your dog stares at you because they want to go outside to use the bathroom, or because they’re looking for a fun play session.

Because Your Dog Wants Attention

Sometimes, dogs stare at their owners because they want attention. Studies have proven that dogs experience the same kind of positive neurochemical reaction in the brain when they look at you as the one that occurs when we look at other human loved ones. So it makes sense that your dog wants a little affection from you!

Because Your Dog is Looking for Direction

Dogs also stare at their owners if they’re anticipating a command. If your pup is well-trained, he or she will look to you for their next objective.

To learn more about your dog’s behavior, call your vet clinic Scottsdale, AZ.