Stop Your Cat From Scratching the Furniture

Our feline friends love to scratch—it’s simply in their nature! Unfortunately, our furniture and other belongings sometimes find themselves at the wrong end of Fluffy’s claws. Use these tips from your Thousand Oaks, CA vet to stop your cat’s scratching behavior:


Every time you see your cat scratch, clap your hands sharply and say “no!” in a firm voice. Your cat will get the hint over time; scratching is bad, and her owners don’t like it.

Scratching Post

Every time that you stop your cat from scratching something, direct them to a nearby scratching post. It may be helpful to have several of these items set up around your home. They give your cat a safe outlet to scratch on while saving your furniture, so head to the local pet supply store or retail outlet to pick one up.


Another option is deterrents. Taste deterrents are sprayed onto furniture to ward off pets, while noise deterrents blare a loud noise every time your cat gets close. Products like these can be useful to stop your cat from scratching, but ask your Vet Clinic Thousand Oaks, CA how to use them safely so as not to terrorize your pet.