How to Trim Your Dog’s Nails

If a dog’s nails are allowed to become too sharp and long, they may get snagged in carpets or fracture painfully. To avoid this, you’ll need to trim them regularly! Learn how below from a Warminster, PA veterinarian.

Before You Begin

First, gather everything you’ll need. This includes a canine-specific set of nail trimmers (never use trimmers designed for humans or another animal), a styptic powder or pen, and a dog treat or two.

Trim One at a Time

Sit down with your pooch in a well-lit room. Carefully extend each nail one at a time, and blunt the tip using the trimmers. You don’t need to cut off a significant portion. In fact, if you cut too far you may snip the vein that runs into each nail, resulting in bleeding. Use your styptic powder or pen if you have an accident, and let your vet know if you can’t get the bleeding to stop.


Once you’ve completed nail trims, or perhaps after each paw is finished, offer your dog a treat. This will reinforce the notion that nail trims result in a reward!

Want help with your dog’s nail trimming? Contact your vet clinic Warminster, PA today.