Care Tips for Your Elderly Dog

Is your dog getting along in years? The care of an elderly canine is much different than a puppy. Here, your Hinesville, GA veterinarian gives you a few tips to keep your aging canine companion healthy and happy.

Senior Dietary Considerations

All older dogs should be fed a specially formulated senior diet, made just for the needs of elderly canines. A nutritionally balanced food is essential for good health—if you’re unsure whether or not your dog is eating a premium senior diet that is appropriate for his age, ask your vet to recommend a good one.

Pet Ramps

It’s likely that your dog has a tougher time than he used to getting up on furniture or trekking up and down the staircase. Purchase or build pet ramps for this purpose. Your pooch will thank you!

Regular Veterinary Visits

Of course, regular visits to your vet’s office allow any health problems to be caught early on. This way, the problems can be treated before developing into more serious issues. Plus, your vet can make sure your pooch is up-to-date on vaccinations and preventative medications. Set up an appointment with your vet Hinesville, GA office today for help from the professionals!