Elizabethan Collar Basics

You’ve probably seen Elizabethan collars before. It’s a cone-shaped item made of plastic or metal that fastens around a pet’s neck to prevent them from self-traumatizing. Usually, they’re used after surgery or when a pet is recovering from a wound or infection. Your vets Middletown, DE tells you more below. 

History of the E-Collar

Elizabethan collars, named for the ruffs worn by wealthy landowning individuals during Elizabethan-era England, were patented in the United States in the 1960s. They’ve seen widespread use in the world of pet care ever since.

Sizing of the E-Collar

If an E-collar is too loose, your pet can remove it and they’ll be able to self-traumatize. If it’s too tight, it could hurt them. The length of the cone is also important—the end should sit around your pet’s nose so that they can go about their normal business without the collar getting in the way.

Using the E-Collar at Home

Your pet probably won’t love wearing an E-collar. You might need to take it off to allow them to eat and drink, then put it back on when they’re done. 

To learn more about Elizabethan collars, contact your vet Middletown, DE. We’re here for you!