Your Cat and Dairy

Did you know that cats and dairy don’t mix? It’s a misconception that cats and milk go together! Here, your Montgomery, TX veterinarian tells you more.

Why Can’t Cats Drink Milk?

Most adult cats are actually lactose-intolerant, meaning that they don’t possess enough lactase in the gut to digest lactose, milk’s main enzyme. If a cat drinks too much milk, they’ll probably experience an upset stomach, vomiting, or diarrhea!

What About Kittens?

Yes, kittens drink their mother’s milk during the nursing period (or a milk substitute if the mother isn’t around). This is the only time in a cat’s life, though, that milk is required. As cats age, they typically become lactose-intolerant.

Is Other Dairy Acceptable?

Other forms of dairy like cheese or yogurt don’t contain as much lactose as milk, so they may be a bit safer to feed to your cat. With that being said, no dairy whatsoever is a nutritional requirement! Water is the only liquid that your feline friend needs to live a happy, healthy life. If you must feed your cat dairy, keep it to a tiny nip of cheese or a small dab of yogurt.

Ask your vet Montgomery, TX for more nutritional advice.