Preparing to Bring Home a Puppy

Are you going to be bringing home a puppy in the near future? Be sure that you and your family are prepared! Learn how to do just that below from a Poway, CA veterinarian.

Check for Hazards

Go through every room in your home that your pup will be allowed in. Check for sharp objects or edges, small items that could be swallowed or choked on, toxic materials, poisonous plants, cleaning supplies, etc. Remove any and all hazards before your puppy comes home.

Use Dog Gates

It’s far easier to use dog gates—or even baby gates, in the case of a puppy—to block off certain rooms in your home. This way, you’re restricting your pup’s movements to one manageable area. It’s also far easier to keep track of your puppy’s whereabouts and keep this particular area clean.

Hold a Family Meeting

Before your new addition arrives, hold a family meeting to make sure everyone is on the same page. All family members should agree on training methods, commands, and feeding times. If your puppy receives different instructions from different people, it will more difficult for your dog to learn.

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