The Benefits of Omega-3 for Your Dog

Omega-3 fatty acids are an essential part of your dog’s diet. They’re probably present in your pup’s normal food, but some dogs benefit from an additional omega-3 supplement. Learn about some of the benefits in this article from your vet Tampa, FL. 

Regulated Inflammation

One of the primary functions of omega-3 fatty acids is to reduce inflammation around the body. In fact, omega-3 works in tandem with another type of fatty acid, omega-6, to produce a balanced inflammatory response when your dog experiences an injury, infection, disease, or anything else that causes inflammation. 

Better Joint Health

Largely because of the capacity for reduced inflammation, omega-3 is also good for your dog’s joint health. It can help your dog feel less pain in their joints, especially as they get older—it’s often recommended for our senior canine companions. 

Quality Coat of Fur

Omega-3 fatty acids also promote good skin and fur health. Many dog owners find that their pet’s coat of fur is greatly improved when they start taking an omega-3 supplement!

Ask your veterinarians Tampa, FL before giving your pup any dietary supplement, including omega-3. Not every dog needs it, but it can be a great benefit for those that do.