What is My Cat Saying With Her Tail?

Cats have two primary ways of communicating: vocalizations and body language. Have you ever wondered what the frisky tail of your cat’s is really saying? Learn some of the basics below from your Mt. Pleasant, SC vet.

The Flagpole

When a cat holds the tail straight up in the air, very rigidly, it usually means they’re feeling poised and confident. You may see this tail position when your cat is strutting to her next napping destination or heading to the food dish.

The Question Mark

Cats sometimes angle their tail in a gentle curve, prompting some to nickname this tail position the “question mark.” This position indicates your cat is feeling playful; oblige her and romp around with a few cat toys. You’re strengthening your pet-owner bond and giving your cat a bit of exercise!

The Wrap

Have you ever felt your cat wrap her tail gently around your leg? You may have even seen her do it to another pet in the house. This is your cat’s way of wrapping a loving arm around a friend or family member!

Remember: all cats are different. Talk to your veterinarian Mt. Pleasant, SC for more insight into your particular pet’s behavior.