Vaccines for Cats and Dogs

A key part of any healthy pet’s care routine is vaccination. How much do you know about your pet’s vaccination needs? Here, your veterinarian New Orleans, LA goes over the basics of vaccines for your dog or cat.

Core Vaccines

All pets need what are called the core vaccines. They’re named this because they’ve considered essential for just about every pet thanks to the dangerous and/or contagious nature of the diseases they protect against. Some examples of core vaccines include the distemper, feline leukemia, hepatitis, and rabies vaccines.

Non-Core Vaccines

As you can probably guess, non-core vaccines aren’t considered essential for every pet. But they might help your companion based on factors like exposure risk, environment, pre-existing health concerns, and more. The Bordetella vaccine is one example; it protects against kennel cough, so it may be helpful for a pet who will be boarded commonly later on in life.

Shot Schedule

Talk to your veterinarian for more information about your pet’s vaccination schedule. Initial vaccines can be given when your pet is about eight weeks old, and they’ll need booster shots throughout their life to help the vaccines remain effective.

Learn more by calling your vet clinic New Orleans, LA.