Pink Eye in Your Cat or Dog

You’ve probably heard of the pink eye before, as it’s relatively common in the world of human health. But pets can also get pink eye! Learn more here from a veterinarian North Dallas, TX.


Pink eye, known medically as conjunctivitis, simply means inflammation of the conjunctiva (the tissues around the eyes). Conjunctivitis can occur by itself, or it can accompany another disease. So, the causes are numerous and include things like a bacterial infection, viral infection, and foreign bodies in the eye, allergies, eye trauma, glaucoma, and much more.


The main sign of pink eye is a red, inflamed eye or eyelids. It can occur in both eyes simultaneously or in just one at a time. Other symptoms include eye discharge, frequent blinking, pawing at the eye, and an increase in tear production.

Treating Pink Eye

Your vet will perform a full eye exam to try and determine the cause of the pink eye (a cause isn’t found in every case). Treatment will depend on the cause, and anti-inflammatory medication is often administered to reduce redness and swelling.

Your vets North Dallas, TX can tell you more about the pink eye in pets—call us today if you would like to learn more.