Understanding Microchip Basics

Proper identification is important for your dog or cat. It simply gives them the best chance of returning home should they get lost or run away. And a microchip is the best way to do it—learn more here from a vet clinic Bowmanville, ON.

What’s a Microchip?

A microchip is a very small computer chip that contains an electronic reference number. This number corresponds with the chip manufacturer’s database, where your pet’s contact information is stored. When a lost pet is relinquished to an animal shelter or vet’s office, scanning devices there read the chip’s number to get the lost pet back home.

Why Bother Getting My Pet One?

Microchips provide peace of mind with their constant and secure identification. Plus, they’re very cost-effective—you only have to purchase one for your pet’s entire lifetime. If you get a new phone number or change addresses, simply update your information with the manufacturer.

How Do I Get Started?

Do you have questions about microchip identification? Ready to outfit your pet with a microchip for a lifetime of proper ID? That’s where we come in. Set up an appointment with your vets Bowmanville, ON today to get your pet microchipped.