Pink Eye in Pets: What Causes It and What To Do

Did you know that pets can experience a case of pink eye, just like humans? It’s rather common among our animal friends, as a matter of fact. Learn more about the pink eye in pets below as your vet Murrieta, CA goes over the cause, symptoms, and treatment. 


Pink eye, technically called conjunctivitis, means inflammation of the conjunctiva, or the tissues around the eyes. This can occur on its own or as a symptom of a wider health issue, so causes are numerous. Bacterial or viral infections, allergies, glaucoma, physical eye trauma, and others are a few examples. 


A red, inflamed eye or eyelid is the main symptom of pink eye. This can occur in both eyes at once, or in one at a time. Other common symptoms of pink eye include eye discharge, pawing at the eye, excessive tear production, and frequent and/or rapid blinking.


The underlying cause of pink eye—if there is one—will need to be addressed first. In most cases, anti-inflammatory medicines can be given to reduce redness and swelling.

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