Canine Diarrhea

If you own a dog, it’s a safe bet that you’ll have to deal with a bout of diarrhea at one point or another. It’s not the prettiest part of dog ownership, that’s for sure, but it’s bound to happen. Learn more about canine diarrhea below from your vet Plano, TX.

Possible Causes of Diarrhea

There are numerous possible causes of diarrhea, from intestinal parasites and allergies to stress, dietary indiscretion, and viral or bacterial infections. Your veterinarian will need to examine your dog to determine the exact cause, so set up an appointment when you notice your dog exhibiting diarrhea.

Look at The Contents

It’s not pleasant, but take a closer look at your dog’s loose stools. What you see can tell you what’s causing the problem, in some cases. Small white bits usually indicate an infestation of parasitic worms, for instance. Green pieces are grass, which means your dog may be eating grass in response to a gallbladder issue or a nutritional deficiency.

What to Do if Your Dog Has Diarrhea

If your dog has diarrhea, don’t delay. Make an office appointment at your pet clinic Plano, TX to have your canine companion examined. The sooner the better!