Trim Your Dog’s Claws in Three Easy Steps

Every dog needs their nails trimmed. When your pup’s claws get too long, they can fracture painfully or get snagged in carpets and other surfaces. Luckily, nail trims don’t have to be hard. Learn more here from a veterinary hospital Salem, VA professional.

Gather Supplies

You’ll need a nail trimmer made for dogs (never use one made for other animals or humans!), a styptic powder or pen, and a few tasty dog treats. Gather these supplies in a quiet, well-lit area of the home to perform the nail trim.

Snip Tips of the Nails

Select one of your dog’s paws to start with, and a particular nail on that paw. Now, snip the tip of the nail using the trimmer. You’re only trying to blunt the tip, not shave off a lot of the nail. If you clip too far, you’ll cause bleeding—this is where your styptic powder comes in handy.

Repeat and Reward Your Dog

Work your way around to all of the nails on a paw, then reward Fido. Repeat the process with the other paws until you’re finished.

If you need help with nail trims, contact your local vet clinic Salem, VA. We’re always here for you!