My Dog Won’t Stop Eating Grass

Have you ever noticed your dog munching on grass when you head outdoors? It’s a relatively common dog behavior, but why does it happen? Is it safe for Fido? Your animal hospital Farmers Branch, TX answers your questions below.

Why Exactly Do Dogs Eat Grass?

Surprisingly, it’s not know for certain why dogs eat grass. Some experts think dogs do it to make themselves vomit, perhaps due to an upset stomach or gas. In other cases, your dog might just like the texture. And it’s also possible that a medical issue, like anxiety or a nutritional deficiency, is the cause.

Is Grass Bad for Dogs?

Plain grass probably won’t do your dog any harm. However, too much of any foreign substance being ingested will probably cause vomiting or diarrhea. And grass could be treated with fertilizers, pesticides, and other chemicals that you don’t want your dog ingesting—play it safe and don’t let your dog eat grass if at all possible.

What If My Dog Won’t Stop Eating Grass?

If your dog’s grass-eating keeps up, let your vet know. It’s best to get Fido checked out as soon as possible.

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