What to Know About Antibiotics for Pets

You’ve probably heard of antibiotics before. These essential medicines are as useful in veterinary medicine as they are in human healthcare. But how much do you really know about antibiotics for pets? Learn more here from a pet clinic Marietta, GA. 

What are antibiotics used for? 

Antibiotics treat bacterial infections. (They do not treat viruses!) These medications work by weakening bacteria cells, interfering with bacteria cells’ ability to repair themselves, or stopping bacteria from multiplying. 

How are they given to pets? 

Oral antibiotics are taken by mouth and come in pill or capsule form. They treat internal infections. Topical antibiotics, on the other hand, treat infections on the skin and are applied physically. They usually come in gel, cream, or ointment form. 

Is there any chance of side effects? 

All things considered, antibiotics are extremely safe. There is a small chance of side effects in some pets, like vomiting or diarrhea. Let your veterinarian know right away if you think your pet is having an adverse reaction to an antibiotic. 

Would you like to learn more about your pet’s medication needs or administration methods? We’re here for you. Contact your animal hospital Marietta, GA to speak with your local animal-care professionals.