The Best Ways to Store Your Pet’s Food

Storing your pet’s food might not be something you’ve considered before. But the truth is that it’s important to think about, because allowing food to become rancid or stale only wastes it, and it could make your pet sick. Here, your veterinary clinic Scottsdale, AZ offers a few tips for storing your pet’s food properly: 

Use the packaging. 

If your pet’s dry kibble comes in a resealable package, use it. It’s designed that way to create an airtight seal. Plus, it makes it easier on you and you don’t have to use up an extra container. 

Keep heat, moisture, and light away.

Keep your pet’s food stashed in a cool, dry, dark place whenever possible. Heat, moisture, and light are the enemies of food and can spoil it when food is exposed for too long. In most homes, a cabinet or storage closet works well for this purpose. 

What about canned food?

Canned food stays good in the refrigerator for about a week after it’s been opened. An unopened can of wet food, however, can remain good for years on end if it’s kept in a cool, dry, dark spot. 

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