How to Trim Your Dog’s Nails at Home

If you take your dog to the groomer’s, they probably have their nails trimmed there. But if your dog doesn’t need regular grooming, you’ll probably want to trim the nails at home yourself. Here, your vet  clinic Ashburn, VA tells you how to do it:

Get what you need.

First, gather your supplies in the area where you’ll perform Fido’s nail trim. You’ll need a set of canine-specific nail clippers (never use clippers designed for other animals or humans!) as well as a styptic powder or pen. And keep a few dogs treats nearby.

Trim the tips.

Select a paw to start with, and a specific nail on that paw. Trim the very tip of it with your clippers—you’re only trying to blunt the end. If you clip too far down, you’ll hit the blood vessel and cause bleeding. That’s why you have your styptic powder on hand. If you can’t stop your dog’s nail from bleeding after a few minutes, call your vet’s office. 

Repeat and give Fido a reward.

Work your way around the other nails on the paw, and then to the other paws. Reward your dog when you’re done!

Call your professional veterinarian Ashburn, VA for more advice.