Should I Give My Pet a Probiotic?

Probiotics have been popular in the world of human nutrition for some time. And it turns out that they can be very good for pets, too. Below, your veterinarian Ellicott City, MD tells you more about probiotics and how your animal friend might benefit. 

What are probiotics?

Think of probiotics as the “good” microbes in your pet’s gut, keeping the “bad” microbes at bay. Probiotics maintain the proper microbial balance in the gut, and they help to destroy pathogens, manufacture nutrients, and digest food. 

For pets, a probiotic supplement might come in capsule form, or it might be in a yogurt or kefir form. Probiotics are also often included in normal pet food. 

What’s the benefit?

Probiotics can be given to any pet who needs help regulating their digestive function. And evidence shows that a probiotic regimen may even help reduce your pet’s stress levels. Talk to your vet to find out about other benefits of probiotics. 

Does my pet need a probiotic?

While your pet may benefit from a probiotic, it’s always smart to check with your vet first. That way, you know it’s perfectly safe! 

Contact your vets Ellicott City, MD to learn more about pet probiotics.